Apr 11, 2017


PKR Mystery Fish Day

Last week, Pre-Kindergarteners in Roe’s class presented the classroom’s annual “Mystery Fish Day.” Each student selects a type of fish to research and designs a costume representing their selection. The fish, er we mean students, then arrive to school and Pre-Kindergarten teacher Roe and the rest of the class guess what type of fish each student has selected.

Head of School Ed Marshall also dissects a whole fish for students and points out various organs, including: the heart, scale, liver, intestines, fins, and muscles. Ed invited students to touch the gils and fins to feel the different textures and explained each organ’s role in the larger body. Our Ichthyologists (scientists who study fish) learned that fish breathe with their gils and drawn in oxygen from the water.

This year we had a sea full of colorful and different fish! Here are some fun facts we learned about each type of fish:

Swordfish (Riyaan, Levi, Trainor, Patrick, Morgan)
  • Swordfish bills can break wooden boats. Females are also larger than males.

Flying Fish (Annabelle)
  • A flying fish can jump 20 feet out of the water!
Spookfish (Iris)
  • This deep sea fish is small and has eyes shaped like barrels, which glow in the dark.
Rainbow Trout (Julia, Evie)
  • The rainbow trout is very colorful and likes to much on minnows and insects.
Catfish (Antonia)
  • Catfish taste food through their barbells.
Sailfish (Miles)
  • The sailfish only lives for 4 years and changes from blue to purple when excited.
Pufferfish (Melia, Natalia)
  • This fish has 4 teeth and is poisonous, with defensive spikes.
Stingray (Pip)
  • The blue spotted ribbon tail ray lives in coral reef and eats crabs and other fish.
Deep Sea Angler (Julian, Zaila)
  • This fish lives in the deep, dark ocean and attracts its food with a bright light that hangs right in front of its waiting mouth.

After learning all about different types of fish, it was time to eat cupcakes and enjoy some H2O. What else would a school of fish do after a full morning?