Welcome from Ryan Kimmet, Associate Head of School

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.


It is rare to find a school that truly embodies these words of Dr. King. However, at Greene Street Friends School, we do just that.


Our students, in myriad ways throughout their time and experience here, are challenged to think intensively and critically about a variety of subject matters. Whether they are creating “Rube Goldberg” experiments in third grade science, exploring the African history of humanity in first grade, debating the ideals of a utopian society in sixth grade language arts, or combining poetry with science in eighth grade, Greene Street students are deeply engaged with a carefully constructed and ever-evolving, dynamic curriculum. Our graduates know how to question information, how to work with one another, how to speak publicly, and how to persevere through difficulty.


However, what distinguishes Greene Street Friends School’s program from many others is the nearly equal emphasis we place on what Dr. King refers to as “character.” Through our homegrown Life Skills and Quaker Ways curricula, students learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, how to lean into difficult conversations about race and identity, how to identify and speak about one’s feelings, and how to advocate for social justice.


It is this balance – education plus character – that makes Greene Street Friends School truly unique. This balance has guided the mission of the school for over 150 years, and has helped this remarkable school educate its students to be intelligent, caring, curious, ethical, well-rounded citizens of the world.


I feel lucky to be part of this community and I welcome anyone interested to stop by and learn more about us.



Ryan Kimmet
Associate Head of School