Circulation Policy & Overdue Books

Check-Out Policy
Students are allowed to check out one book per day from the GSFS Library for a period of two weeks, before they must be (a) renewed, or (b) returned. Students with two books already checked out will be asked to return one book before they are able to check out another one.  
  • Note on Renewals: Books can be renewed for a two-week period after visual verification of the book by Chris, and/or faculty and staff. Renewals shall not be allowed in the case that another student has placed a reservation on the book in question.
Overdue Books
There are no fines for overdue books in the GSFS Library. When books become overdue, an email is sent to the parents of the student in question as well as the student is presented with a small reminder note to bring the book back in. Usually, this occurs the week after the date that the book was scheduled to be returned. 

Lost Books
In the case that a book is determined to be lost, GSFS shall communicate with the family the replacement price of the book as found through our school library ordering process (discounted from general market price) to return the book back into GSFS circulation. We welcome alternative means of finding a replacement for the book.

If you have any more questions about GSFS Library circulations, please call 215-438-7545, ext. 135