Apr 21, 2015


Spotlight on Campus: Corner Property Update

Construction will begin shortly on the corner property at Greene Street and School House Lane!


The former doctor’s house was purchased by Greene Street Friends School thanks to the generosity of a committed supporter in 2012. The building, unfit for student use, was subsequently taken down in 2013.


The space is now being transformed into an environmentally-friendly green space and additional parking. Permeable pavers will be used to manage storm water and to have a positive impact on the environment.


“Even though this is a parking lot, there will be so much greenery buffering the space that you will hardly be able to see the parking,” says Business Manager Teri Buda. The School will plant trees, donated by the Class of 2014.


Once the parking lot is completed, GSFS will also be rebuilding the sidewalk around the intersection of Greene Street and School House Lane in order to make it safer for our students as well as the greater community of Germantown to walk around our campus.


This project will be finished by the time school lets out for summer  vacation – come by campus and see it soon!