Welcome from Ed Marshall, Head of School

Thank you for visiting Greene Street Friends School's web site!

Let me share with you a bit about myself, what's distinctive about Greene Street and some great things that are happening here.

I began teaching about 40 years ago and have taught virtually every level of education, from pre-kindergarten through graduate school. At heart, I have always been a science teacher. I came to Greene Street 20 years ago and discovered a remarkably interesting school. And after 20 years, it's just as interesting to me as it was when I arrived.

Part of the magic here is Greene Street's intimacy. Simply put, we are small enough and care enough so that everyone knows everyone and feels connected. As a result, Greene Street students are secure, empowered, excited, and ready for our high academic expectations. They are successful students, idealistic people, and savvy navigators in a diverse world. They attend the top public, charter, and independent schools in the Philadelphia area.

When I first arrived, I learned that the previous Head of School, Norma Vogel, had stood in front of the School and greeted students every morning. I have kept up Norma's tradition, and our teachers welcome students every day in similar fashion.

When I got to Greene Street, I quickly found that we are a school "you can believe in." For example, somewhere around 1960, our School embraced the ideals of the civil rights movement. We instituted coeducation and increased the School's racial diversity. We aligned more with the American dream of our country as a melting pot. As a result, for the past 50 years, the School's enrollment has been about 50% students of color. Strong academics, Quaker practices, and multi-cultural competence form the core of our vision. 

I invite you to join our community. We are a school that is on the move, is living its mission, and welcomes new members!