Art (PK to 6)
From paleolithic cave paintings to contemporary artists’ work, students at Greene Street Friends School learn about art from around the world and across time. This year, Georgia O'Keeffe and Wassily Kandinsky will inspire pre-kindergarten students as they explore mixing colors. Kindergarten will work with clay as they make their first pinch pots. First and second grades will take a field trip to the Barnes Museum as they study Claude Monet and the Impressionist movement. Third and fourth grades will try their hands at metal working as they learn about art from the tombs of Ancient Egypt.  Fifth and sixth grade students will learn about traditional crafts from Ghana and Nigeria and learn about some contemporary African artists as well. 

Through this diversity, students have the opportunity to make personal connections and to discover themes among the artworks.  Students will come away with the understanding that people of every culture throughout history have made art and that they themselves are a part of this tradition.

Click on this link to our ART BLOg! to see some fantastic projects and find links to artist resources, videos, and more!