7/8 Unified Arts

Unified Arts is a project-based course with a two year rotating curriculum.  Seventh and eighth grade students are each assigned to one of two mixed-grade classes.  Each class studies art for one semester and music for one semester. A single theme, the Harlem Renaissance, unites the two disciplines. Students share final projects with each other so that all students gain an understanding of the era from a visual as well as musical perspective.

Visual Art

In visual art class, students will learn about artists who defined the era, collage artist Romare Bearden, painter and storyteller Jacob Lawrence, sculptor Meta Fuller, and photographer James Van Der Zee.   Students will choose from a variety of media to make work that explores their personal and family histories.


In music class, we will study composers and musicians of the time including Dizzy Galespie, Bessie Smith, and Louie Armstrong.  Students will learn the basic chord structures of jazz and blues and practice their improvisation skills.  For their final project, they will work in small groups to compose and perform an original piece.