Inspiring Minds. Building Community. Transforming Lives. 

HORIZONS is a national network of transformational education and enrichment programs that put low-income public school children on a path to success in school and life. At its core, Horizons is a six-week summer program that takes place on school campuses across the country. 

In Summer 2016 HORIZONS AT GREENE STREET FRIENDS SCHOOL was launched in Germantown as the first Philadelphia program. In Summer 2022, we launched our PreSchool program, welcoming students who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall to Horizons. Children start in PreKindergarten and return every year through middle school. National Horizons data show that students gain 2-3 months of reading and math skills each summer (their peers typically lose 2-3 months), plus they learn to swim and explore music, theater, art and other activities that build self-confidence and cultivate creativity and leadership. 98% of Horizons students graduate from high school and 96% enroll in post-secondary education. 

Summer of 2024, we will be fully built out with students in PreSchool through Eighth Grade. As each year brings a new group of students and families to our campus, our partnerships with nearby public school Mastery at Wister Elementary School gets stronger and deeper. We had an amazing summer of fun, learning, and growth with our students and families this summer and can't wait to continue this program for years to come!

This is a game changer for families in Germantown. We look forward to your partnership in the bright future of these remarkable students and families.