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Quaker Affiliation

Greene Street Friends School was founded by Quakers and continues to be operated by Green Street Monthly Meeting, the Quaker congregation that shares our campus. The School has a deep commitment to the Society of Friends' belief in “that of God in everyone.” Each of us brings to the community an Inner Light, an individual guide to acting truthfully, responsibly, and kindly. We provide a strong sense of safety, connection, and freedom that releases our students to focus on their academic and personal success. Meeting for Worship, academic work, service activities, and all aspects of school life provide our students opportunities to cultivate their Light and practice Quaker values. We show each of our students the meaning of these values --- and how living them can positively impact their well-being, our community, and the world.

Frequently asked questions

How are people from different religious traditions treated at Greene Street Friends School?

Greene Street Friends School is deeply honored to be chosen by families from many different religious traditions, as well as non-religious traditions.  A key aspect of Greene Street's mission is to educate children and families in Quaker values and practices. Quakers also believe there are many paths to spiritual well-being besides the Quaker way, that we must all be open and learn from each other. The School welcomes parents who would like to come into class and share an aspect of their own faith tradition. For example, students may learn a song about Ramadan, share sweet treats for Diwali, fry latkes in class for Hanukkah, or read a story about a shepherd for Christmas.  In addition, the School tries to support family observances of religious holidays and other practices. 

How is Quakerism taught at GSFS?

Starting in Pre-K, children learn how to use Quaker values as a guide. They resolve disputes with each other peacefully, by speaking their own truths, listening to each other, and practicing kindness. They participate in traditions such as Greene Street's Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. They dress comfortably and in their own style, but not in an effort to compete. They learn to tell the truth and do the right thing even when no one else can see.

Overall, Greene Street's Quaker mission is to create a certain kind of person: someone who is a good student, a caring friend, and a responsible human being --- someone who pays attention to the big and permanent issues of life rather than the little and temporary ones.


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