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Meeting for Worship

The spiritual center of Greene Street Friends School is Meeting for Worship. Quakers believe that each person has access to divine wisdom, but we need to take time away from our busy schedules in order to hear it. At our school, children and adults gather for thirty minutes of quiet reflection at the beginning of each Wednesday. Together, we sit quietly, clear our minds, and open our hearts. If a child or adult feels moved to stand and share a message, everyone listens respectfully and settles back into silence when the speaker is finished. Students often offer very thoughtful messages. At the end of the half-hour, we shake hands with our neighbors and return to the classrooms.

All students and teachers attend Meeting, except Pre-K. The Kindergarten classes are introduced to Meeting in the spring and are accompanied by seventh and eighth grade “partners” who sit with them and help them to settle. Students and teachers sit by class. We welcome any member of our community to join us on Wednesday mornings.