Support at GSFS
We believe that the success of a student's educational experience can be maximized by using teaching techniques that closely match the student's learning modalities. The Student Support Program is designed to provide support and enrichment of the individual student's learning using a collaborative process involving families, teachers, and/or other experts to identify and address children's learning needs individually and in the classroom. 

In collaboration with faculty, the Student Support Team monitors our program and identifies students who will benefit from additional resources, whether for remediation, enrichment, or emotional support. With families, teachers, and other professionals we collect and synthesize information about our students, design a plan to maximize the child’s opportunity for success, and evaluate their progress. We develop and use reliable and secure systems for recording data that help our teachers know our students as learners and enable our team of educators to work effectively toward meeting the needs of all our students.

The Student Support Team will work proactively toward helping all of our students thrive. We will be a model team for our school; empower teachers to communicate clearly, promptly, and compassionately when there are concerns and build on the positive relationship between home and school. We will help students understand themselves as learners and community members to achieve their very best at Greene Street Friends School and in their next educational setting.