Learning Support

Lehla Olson and Art Friedman are Greene Street's Learning Specialists, with Lehla working primarily with Lower School (PreK through 5th Grade) and Art working primarily with Middle School (6th through 8th Grade).  As the Learning Specialists, they provide our students and teachers with support and instruction in meeting the goal of enabling our students to become strategic and motivated learners.  Lehla and Art advocate for students in our school in a way that creates an atmosphere of shared responsibility on the part of all faculty, family partnerships, and students to meet the needs of our students.  They also provide activities, experiences, and innovations that guide faculty to improve both individual pedagogy, as well as our culture of literacy as a whole.
The Learning Specialists use a collaborative process involving families, teachers, and other experts to identify and address children's learning needs individually and in classrooms. Classroom teachers provide differentiation for their students in all subject areas. Differentiation maximizes the success of student's educational experience by using teaching techniques that closely match the student's learning modalities that will enhance and improve learning for our students. 

A useful tool for building individual learning strategies is Psycho-educational testing.  Psycho-educational testing refers to a series of academic and psychological used to analyze the mental processes underlying individual's educational performance. Psycho-educational testing provides a wealth of information to best understand how your child learns.   If your child has received this type of testing or has previously attended a public school and received an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) , we encourage parents to share the evaluation with the Learning Specialist(s).  Recommendations from the evaluation provides the Learning Specialist and classroom teacher key strategies to implement in the classroom. 

Greene Street Friends School provides external learning supports through The After School Program and Elwyn Tutoring (please see the Elwyn Services Tab for more information). The After School Program is a robust, fee-based tutoring program which is individualized for each student. Families who are interested in tutoring services for remediation or enrichment are encouraged to contact Melody Regino, our Director of Student Support Services. In some instances, tutoring will be recommended or required by the school to ensure a student’s academic progress.