Hello, and welcome to the Greene Street Friends School (GSFS) website. Thank you for taking the time to explore our wonderful school.

At GSFS we believe in the power of providing our students with a strong academic foundation along with enduring life skills within the broad range of learning experiences that we provide at our school. As a Quaker School, we believe that every person has an inner light. It is our collective work as educators and caregivers to lift the light of each student who enters our welcoming doors. Our diverse community enriches us all and our students are seen, known, represented, challenged and cherished at GSFS.

Greene Street Friends School is approaching its 170th year as a landmark of exceptional learning and civic engagement in Philadelphia.  We believe that students succeed academically through hard work, joyful interactions, and age-appropriate challenges. In our program, we encourage self-advocacy, resilience, leadership, and creativity. It is our goal that every PK-8 student who attends GSFS feels connected and thrives in our supportive school culture that values them as people and hears their voices as they grow and fulfill their individual and collective purposes in the world.

Our website is a great way to take a first glance at our wonderful school. In addition, I invite you to visit us in person. I was personally drawn to the GSFS community after visiting the campus, seeing the joy and engagement of the students and talking to and hearing the commitment of the people who make up this power filled community. I invite you to come and experience our school first hand.

If you have any questions, please be in touch with us and we will be happy to talk with you.

Kind regards,

Michelle Holland