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Greene Street’s School Counselors will provide our students, parents, and teachers with partnership, support, instruction, and education in meeting the social and emotional needs of our students.  These needs may be associated with the intrinsic challenges of childhood and school. The needs may also be associated with learning to function healthily in a diverse world.  Consistent with the values of Friends education, the School Counselor will help community members move to a greater degree of connectedness with the problems and challenges they are working out, and seek long-term solutions to build resilient and self-reliant people. The School Counselors will lead our community in proactive educational efforts which focus on healthy decision making, self-advocacy, good communication, transitions, resiliency, and more.

Name of programdescription 
life skillsThe School Counselor pushes in to teach a Life Skills Lesson each month in PreK and Kindergarten. In other grades, the counselor visits to deliver lessons, supports teacher instruction, and finds ways to build partnership between home and school. 
tweensTweens is taught in grades 3-5 and prepares students for the physical, social, emotional, intellectual changes they will experience throughout adolescence. The counselor coordinates this program and pushes in to support instruction. 
new student groups In order to transition new students into GSFS, the counselor runs New Student Groups throughout the fall. Through weekly lunch meetings new students meet other new students, learn about their new community, and reflect on their transition. 
Move up Once a year parents are invited in to learn about their child's next grade level through a parent program called Move Up. Move Ups are design to allow parents to experience the classrooms, meet the teachers, and learn more about what to expect for the following year. 
advisory  Students in grades 7 and 8 are assigned an advisor who holds the "big picture" view of their students. The Advisory Program meets every Friday so that advisees can build relationships with their advisor and peers, as well as experience the Life Skills lesson for their grade group. The counselor oversees the Advisory curriculum and program logistics. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I get in touch with the School Counselor?

You can email the School Counselors Amira Sedki or LANA SOMMERS. Amira works primarily with our lower school students, while Lana focuses more on our middle schoolers. Amira can also be reached at (215) 438-7000 x131, or visit her office on the second floor of the Lower School Building. 

How regularly do students see the School Counselor?

Students see the School Counselors in a variety of ways. Through classroom lessons, student groups, and individual meetings, the School Counselors are people every child sees regularly.

Why would I contact the School Counselor? 

The School Counselors can support students and families throughout different life and school transitions. When students are experiencing a need for extra support at home, in school, or within relationships, the School Counselors can make recommendations, provide in brief school counseling, and partner with the classroom teacher to provide the most comprehensive support.

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