Sandie's classes

Sandie Paduano (2nd Grade Lead Teacher)

lower school

Sandie Paduano (she/her) is a 2nd grade Lead Teacher. She has been part of the Greene Street Friends School community since August 2008. She was a Teaching Associate in Greene Street’s 1st and 2nd grades for five years and became one of the School’s biggest fans. Sandie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Temple University and a Master’s in Special Education and Reading from St. Joseph’s University. 


Since many of Sandie’s relatives back in Italy are teachers, it was only natural for her to become one too. Prior to joining the Greene Street community, Sandie taught with other public high school teachers in New York City and in Philadelphia. She still visits NYC often for the institutes at The Teachers College Reading & Writing Project.


With others at GSFS, Sandie has come to love working with children in their primary years. She loves making them laugh while teaching them to become true friends, serious readers, writers, and mathematicians. More importantly, Sandie strives with others at GSFS to teach towards true love and its indoctrination for equity and justice no matter who, no matter what.


Sandie also practices and teaches Yoga. If she’s not at home in Fairmount, she is down the shore with her dogs watching her daughter surf. Maya graduated from GSFS in 2018 and her dogs are just dogs.