7/8 Unified Arts

Unified Arts is a project-based course with a two year rotating curriculum.  Seventh and eighth grade students are each assigned to one of two mixed-grade classes.  Each class studies art for one semester and music for one semester.  A single theme unites the two disciplines.  This year the theme is the European Renaissance.  Students share final projects with each other so that all students gain an understanding of the period from a visual as well as musical perspective. 


In visual art class, students will explore themes of science, religion, and humanism, in the work of renaissance artists Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Albretch Durer.  Inspired by these artists, the students will create original pieces of work addressing topics that interest them.



Students will learn to play the recorder, an instrument that was widely enjoyed in the renaissance and learn the fundamentals of counterpoint, a system of composing melodies.  The students will work in small groups to write original pieces and perform them as an ensemble.