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5th Grade Mathematics

In 5th grade we continue to spiral our math knowledge, building upon skills learned in 4th grade through the Everyday Math curriculum. This year we reinforce numeration skills such as place value, scientific notation, and expressing rates and ratios using fraction notation. We continue to practice extending whole-number computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while reinforcing mental math strategies.  We continue to grow in the areas of data collection and analyzing through the use of various graphing and organizational methods.  We reinforce Geometry skills through the investigation of angles, rotation, area and volume while introducing relationships of 2 and 3-dimensional figures.  Finally we explore patterns and functions as they relate to Algebra by applying variables in formulas, creating number models and working with scientific calculators.  

6th grade mathematics

Our 6th grade mathematics curriculum could be referred to as a year of transitions.  Building on the sturdy foundation of our Everyday Mathematics Curriculum in earlier grades, the sixth graders continues with Everyday Math with the additional focus on mathematical fluency and efficiency with an eye towards seventh grade and Pre-Algebra.  In this class, we sure up the mathematical foundation of our students by insisting on the maintenance of fundamental skills while encouraging algebraic thought and getting students to fine-tune their preferred algorithms for solving a variety of problems.  While following the Everyday Math Curriculum, we supplement heavily to support the variety of skill levels and goals for each student.  Our supplementation also serves to assist in the transition from Everyday Math to our McGraw Hill Pre-Algebra Curriculum.

As the students work towards transitioning out of the Everyday Math Curriculum, our sixth graders also begin the process of moving from a self-contained class to working with multiple teachers.  This is the first year that our students are introduced to a different teacher for mathematics.  This change helps undergird our efforts to help  6th graders develop responsibility and the ability to meet the challenge of different teachers.

7th Grade Mathematics

Our 7th graders enjoy a Pre-Algebra curriculum that provides an excellent foundation for Algebra 1.  After improving numeracy and developing automaticity in the 6th grade, our 7th graders are quickly introduced to the language of Algebra.  Early in the year, they are able to conceptualize what a function is, translate English expressions to algebraic ones, and recognize different relationships between dependent and independent variables. As the year progresses, this class will continue to explore Algebra by developing skills to solve multi-step equations and inequalities, graphing a variety of functions including linear, quadratic and exponential, and using these skills to re-examine and extend geometric knowledge. 
By the end of the year, our 7th graders are very well equipped to handle the rigors of any Algebra 1 class.

8th Grade Mathematics

At Greene Street, our 8th grade math curriculum is equivalent to any high school Algebra 1 course.  We emphasize students’ ability to speak algebraically, knowing and using terminology correctly and additionally, we focus on developing independence by providing our learners with a variety of ways to access information and challenge themselves.   By using a flipped classroom model, our 8th graders are introduced to the idea of learning as a way of life.  With lessons posted online as homework, 8th graders can view lessons at their own pace.  This allows each student the ability to review a lesson until they understand it, or skim through a lesson as review.  By allowing our students to take “control” of the lesson,  we are encouraging our 8th graders to see themselves as independent learners who can access information outside of the classroom. Recognizing that our 8th graders will soon be selected to attend a variety of high schools around the city,  we expect them to be able to use technology and knowledge of themselves as learners to advocate for themselves in any learning situation.