Jun 16, 2016


Alumni Profile: Emily '12

This spring Greene Street Friends School was lucky to host two young alumni from the Class of 2012 while they worked on their senior projects. Anna ’12 completed her project for Masterman by spending two weeks in Roe’s Pre-Kindergarten classroom as an assistant, as well as teaching yoga to the students every afternoon. Emily ’12 spent three weeks at GSFS working alongside Spanish teachers Sandra Rodriguez and Kristin Shipler.


Emily took a break from her teaching and preparations for her final presentation to reflect on her experiences at Greene Street Friends, both as a student and returning to campus now.


How did you choose your senior project?

I knew that I wanted to do something that related to Spanish because over the past few years, I have become very passionate about both the language and culture. Greene Street Friends was really the place that sparked my fascination and love for the Spanish language. I believe that if I hadn’t participated in the Costa Rica Exchange Program, then I would not be as good at or as passionate about the language as I am today.

How do you feel it went?

The senior project went wonderfully! As a Greene Street Friends School lifer, I really enjoyed being back on campus and seeing so many familiar faces again. All of the students that I remember from when I went to GSFS have grown up so much and it makes me feel really old! 

Do you have a new appreciation for your GSFS teachers now that you've experienced being in their shoes?

Absolutely! I never realized how difficult it truly is to prepare lessons and grade assignments on a daily basis. I can now see how many hours of hard work and dedication it takes to be a teacher.

Who are GSFS teachers you remember?

I obviously remember Maestra Sandra, as she is truly my mentor. In addition, I remember my many lower and middle school teachers, including Rosemary Giordano, Steve Dutot, Kia Davenport, Sue Dutot, Kiri Harris, Marty Foley, Katherine Vidoni, Marie Huard, and Rob Evans. 

What about your GSFS education prepared you for high school?

My GSFS education certainly prepared me for high school. I learned the essential organizational skills that were necessary for my high school career. I was most prepared for my high school Spanish classes, as I was able to start in a more advanced level at Friends Select.


How did the Costa Rica Exchange Program impact you?

The Costa Rica Exchange Program was definitely the most influential experience that I gained from GSFS. Not only did I get to practice my Spanish with a Costa Rican pen pal prior to departing for the trip, I was also able to stay connected with the members of the program after I returned home. Additionally, the program fostered essential life skills such as independence and self-reliance.

Why does staying connected to GSFS matter to you?

I have many fond memories of my years in the Greene Street Friends community. The school instilled values that are very important to me in my daily life, such as integrity and stewardship. I think that I can thank Greene Street for allowing me to gain a voice and become a more caring individual. I also admire the fact that the teachers at Greene Street were always there to help me in any difficult situation that occurred, whether it was academic or personal in nature.


What advice do you have for a current GSFS student? A graduating 8th grader?

To any current GSFS student, I believe that you should stay focused and work hard in middle school in order to have a smooth transition when you head off to high school in the coming years. Don’t take your GSFS experience for granted.


To a graduating 8th grader, it is important to stay connected with the teachers at Greene Street Friends. I would also say that you should get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities while you are in high school and maybe even try something new because you never know, you might find that you really will excel in something different. Finally, work hard while maintaining good grades and relationships with everyone around you.


What are your plans for next year?

I am headed off to Bryn Mawr College this coming fall, which I am extremely excited about! I look forward to taking a wide range of classes while I am there. I am specifically hoping to continue on with Spanish as well as Italian, which I started taking this past year in high school.


Thank you to Emily and to Anna for returning to Greene Street Friends School for your senior projects. We wish you the best of luck in college and hope to see you on campus again soon!