Apr 15, 2016


6L Hosts Pride Rally for Middle School

As part of their community service project for the year, Laura's sixth grade class has learned about issues around gender identity and sexuality. They previously hosted a panel of visitors from Attic Youth to learn more about creating a safe and supportive community at GSFS.

On Monday morning, 6L students shared the vocabulary and lessons they have learned during the Middle School assembly in preparation for a pride rally on Friday. The pride rally was an opportunity for students and faculty to share their messages of support and love. Participants read song lyrics, poems, persuasive essays, and quotes and composed their own original songs and poems about loving themselves, being individuals, and respecting others.

"It's not just important to me, but it's important to others around the world," shared Sophia '18.

Thanks to 6L for hosting the pride rally and making GSFS a safer space for all members of our community!