Apr 08, 2016


8th Grade Engages with Cuba

by Grace '16 and Ryley '16

In 8th grade Spanish class we have been learning about the Cuba, the Revolutions and the island’s relationship with the US. We have talked about the President’s recent visit to Cuba and what this means for the future of the Cuban-US relationship.

On April 5th, the class had the opportunity to Skype with “Engage Cuba’s”, Michael Maisel, one of Kristin’s former students and a Philadelphia native. Michael shared his love for Cuba and how his middle school Spanish teacher instilled in him a lifelong passion for the topic. Years later, the passion stuck, and Michael wrote his thesis on Cuban relationships with the US. He first went to Cuba with his family in 2009, but now goes every month with Engage Cuba. He works on mobilizing state support for lifting the Cuba-US trade embargo. His favorite part of working in Engage Cuba was seeing the First Family go to Cuba. He said the biggest difference in Cuba and the US, was the internet and how they don't have it. It is restricted by the government and really changes the people. Michael said that if the embargo is raised, he will probably make a telenovela, or spanish drama, about his experience.  
Talking to Michael was a great experience, and we now have a bigger view of what is happening now with Cuba.