Apr 29, 2016


All About the Social Studies Expo

GSFS held the annual Social Studies Expo on April 29. The full school participated in the Expo, both creating projects for other students to visit and traveling around the school to see their schoolmates projects as well. 

  • Kathie's Pre-Kindergarten class interviewed their guests to get to know each other. They also had a self-portrait station and gallery.
  • Roe's Pre-Kindergarten class shared about the development of chicks.
  • The Kindergarten classes wrote and illustrated interactive stories about community building attitudes.
  • The 1st grade presented on what they learned this year about civil disobedience. They recommended that people make signs, march, sing songs, and sign petitions.
  • 2nd grade students taught about the Native American zodiac as well as played games including the beaver toss and Alaskan high kick.
  • Anna's 3rd grade had an interactive story-telling station about slavery and abolition.
  • Erica's 3rd grade acted out a tale explaining the Underground Railroad.
  • Students in 4A challenged participants to built Greek columns and temples out of paper. They had to be strong enough to hold up a slate roof! There was also a station explaining the different types of Greek columns.
  • Students in 4M explained different styles of Ancient Greek pottery: red figure, black figure, hydra, krater, and amphora. They also had clay so that visitors could create their own pottery.
  • Kate's 5th grade students set up stations explaining different Ancient Sumerian inventions, including canals, levees, karts, river transportation, and written language.
  • Tishna's 5th grade focused on Ancient Egyptian inventions and leaders. Students could build their own pyramids using different materials!
  • Both 6th grade classes worked together on the basketball court to build a Shantytown.
  • Students in the 7th grade classes presented on their recent experiences in Costa Rica, including stories, pictures, and trivia.
  • The 8th grade taught about propaganda, including how it has been used in the past. They quizzed their visitors on what different propaganda posters were advocating and gave everyone an opportunity to create their own posters.