Jun 03, 2016


A Celebration of Lower School Town Meeting

On the first Tuesday of each month, students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 have taken turns representing their class in Lower School Town Meetings. They worked hard this year to identify ways to promote our all-school theme of equality and make the Greene Street Friends School community stronger.

To wrap up the year and as a thank you for their thoughtful contributions, lower school students enjoyed ice cream together on Wednesday afternoon. After some settling silence, teachers thanked the students for clerking, representing their classes, and sharing their ideas.

At the last Town Meeting, students worked on a Keep, Stop, Start list of ways to improve the school. A few things they wanted to keep included the Social Studies Expo, recess, specials, trips to the library, and hands-on projects. The stop list was no more non-fat milk and no noise at quiet time or in quiet zones. For start, students suggested a school-wide community service project and more school-wide assemblies.
Thank you lower school students for a great year!