Mar 15, 2016


Bienvenido a Costa Rica

Last Monday, Grades 1 through 8 gathered together in the Meetinghouse to wish a buen viaje (good trip) to the Class of 2017 as they prepared to leave for Costa Rica.


Eighth grade students reflected on their own experiences last year, advising the current participants how to get the most out of the experience.


Nile ’16 shared, “Try all of the foods…try all of the activities.”


“This program is something that you will always remember. Try to enjoy the moments,” said Maya ’16.


Mikal ’16 remembered how anxious he was before leaving for Costa Rica, especially to spend time with his pen pal and family. “It’s okay to be nervous. It’s okay to be scared. Just remember that your pen pals love you. They are great people and their families are great people. They’ll take you in like one of their own even though they don’t know you.” [Mikal’s Costa Rica experience will also be in the upcoming edition of Word on the Street. To ensure that you receive your copy, please update your contact information here.]


This is the 13th class that Spanish teacher and program director Sandra Rodriguez has led to her native country. Highlights of the trip each year include a visit to an organic coffee farm, a sky-trek canopy tour, climbing the Paos Volcano, white water rafting, snorkeling around Turtle Island, and spending time with Costa Rican pen pals.


Maestra Sandra created the program in 2004 to build a greater interest in Spanish. “Students are motivated to study Spanish knowing that they are going to use it and need it for the exchange program. This experience is something that students look forward to. It provides an extra incentive for them to work harder on their academics and citizenship at school,” she says.


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