Sep 19, 2017


Stewardship and Butterflies

A Special Message From Head of School Dr. Edward Marshall

Over the past 20 years, the GSFS campus has become ever more green, with plantings, flower beds, two rain gardens, and a field. Our belief in stewardship of the planet has us converting urban hardscape into habitat for native species of birds and insects. A delightful result of this effort is our burgeoning monarch butterfly population, whose caterpillars feast on the milkweed planted by our garden experts, Hannah Kalkstein and Rocio Cabello. 

Scientists have warned that destruction of meadow habitat is causing drastic declines in the Monarch population. Greene Street Friends is proud of our contribution toward maintaining biodiversity. The number of Monarch caterpillars in our gardens has steadily grown, into the hundreds this past summer. Photos of the Monarch caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult butterfly were all taken right here on Greene Street Friends' campus.