Mar 09, 2017


Meeting for Action on Stewardship

Middle School students held a TORCH Meeting for Action on Stewardship this Wednesday, March 8. Typically, we have Meeting for Business to discuss topics that are important to the students or make consensus decisions about future clerks. In line with our year's theme of stewardship, students liked the idea of accomplishing actions that show our care for the school community and neighborhood. 

In class meetings, students generated the ideas for activities and every student engaged in a short stewardship project in mixed-grade groups. Activities included sprucing up the Tree Lab, playground and garden beds; taking debris from the Meetinghouse basement, painting bathroom stall doors cheerful colors with re-purposed paint, creating thank you cards for people who help our community, cleaning classrooms, picking up trash around our block, and sorting out the lost and found. Students even returned lost items that were labeled with names their grateful owners. 

The students accomplished a tremendous amount in under an hour. As the session came to an end, there were requests from some students to keep going or to do this again. We will keep building on the many ways
students exercise their stewardship of our school.