Mar 18, 2016


Middle School Choice Volunteers at Grumblethorpe

A new round of Choices activities kicked off recently in middle school. In one, students walk to Grumblethorpe (a local historic house) to tend their garden and grounds. Our students had fun and worked very productively cleaning up gingko seeds and adding bucketloads of soil to a garden bed. In a few weeks time, when the students return, the garden will be blooming and growing profusely. 

As an added bonus, students get to work with GSFS community members Andy Jickling and Hannah Kalkstein, fellow Grumplethorpe volunteers!

Other Choice options this spring include: animation, creative writing, hip hop history, relaxation station, drama, touch football, WINGS (community service), scully, boot camp (fitness workouts), and "The Worst Choice Ever" which gives the kids creative challenges to complete.