Mar 18, 2016


Partners Celebrate Pi Day Together

The students and teachers at Greene Street Friends celebrated Pi Day (which was officially on March 14, but observed at GSFS on Friday morning) with math-themed activities and delicious pie!

Partners gathered together around campus to discover, measure, and draw circles. 
  • Pre-Kindergarten and 6th grade looked for circles around campus and on the playground.
  • Kindergarten and 8th grade made pie chains, paper chains based on the numbers in pi.
  • 1R and 4M worked together to discover what they can draw using only circles (including pizza, caterpillars, and Mickey Mouse!).
  • 1L and 4A read a story about pi, then traced circles in the classroom to make drawings.
  • 2P and 2S partnered together since their regular partners in the 7th grade are in Costa Rica! They watched a video about pi, then measured circumferences to learn what pi means.
  • 3A and 5K searched for an measured circles around Anna's classroom, recording the circumference and diameter.
  • 3E and 5T measured different types of cookies (Thin Mints, Oreos, and Chips Ahoy) and objects in the classroom to find the circumference and diameter, then discussed the ratios they calculated and why they may or may not equal pi.

Happy Pi Day to everyone!