Sep 26, 2014



This morning was the kick-off event for the Partners program! The Partners program
pairs students across grades with each other in order to retain Greene Street's feeling of being a community. It's also a wonderful opportunity for students in Grades 4-8 to enhance their leadership skills as they act as a mentor to younger students.

Partners will get together multiple times throughout the school year, including classroom visits and A Walk for a Cause in October. When the Kindergarten students join Meeting for Worship in April, they sit with their 8th grade partners.

"It really brings out the best in everyone," says 6th grade teacher and Dean of Middle School Kiri Harris. "Partners boost the all school feeling, which is so vital to Greene Street's mission."

So what did the partners do today?
  • Pre-Kindergarten and 6th Grade had fun on the playground;
  • Kindergarten and 8th grade read stories together;
  • April's 1st grade and Emma's 4th grade discussed what community (our all-school theme for the year!) means to them and drew symbols that represent it;
  • Lori's 1st grade and Maggie's 4th grade interviewed each other;
  • 2nd and 7th grades decorated bookmarks and read stories together; and
  • 3rd and 5th grade students got to know their partners by interviewing each other.