Jun 26, 2017


Student Art Galleries Around Campus

Many know Philadelphia is a destination for art lovers from around the world. Whether gazing at works in The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Museum of Art, or standing in front of a building-sized mural, Philadelphians soak in the art around our city. Little do so many know that Greene Street Friends contains another, smaller gallery of equally captivating art. Head of School Ed Marshall’s office contains a collection of student artwork. Curated by Art Teacher Marie Huard, the exhibit changes three times a year and includes artwork and artists’ statements. Ed invites featured students and their families to view their artwork upon installation, like 7th Grader Jaquil and his mom, pictured. We sat down with Marie to ask how the art gallery began and her hopes for its future.


How did the idea for an art gallery in Ed’s office develop?

Ed came up with the idea. He thought it’d be an interesting way to showcase our students and their work to visitors. He asked me to identify different students’ works and change the exhibit 3 times a year so that different students and styles could be featured. The artists’ statements were also important as they gave visitors a peak into the inspiration and story behind each student’s work.


Tell me about an especially memorable piece of student artwork from over the years.

Ethan Holland ’15 created a beautiful piece for one of our annual Art Shows. Ethan was inspired by Botticelli’s Cestello Annuncation, a 15th century painting that shows the Biblical scene of the Angel Gabriel “announcing” to Mary that she has been chosen to carry Jesus, should she choose to do so. Ethan depicted this scene in a modern way, using watercolor as his medium. It was striking.


What are you hopes for this project?

I would love to have student artwork in every administrative office and even feature a small, changing gallery in Hargroves or the new building. It would be wonderful to feature different styles, from paintings to sculptures or ceramics and found objects.


How else might we see student art featured at GSFS?

We run the artblog, which tells the community what we’re studying in art class and has pictures of student works. This is especially nice for family and/or friends who might be out of state or unable to visit GSFS in person. We also have an Art Star Case at the bottom of the stairs in the Armat Building. I change the featured works every 2 weeks. We like to make sure all of our students are featured around campus.


We have a wonderful update since our interview with Marie- the gallery has expanded! Head of Lower and Middle School Ryan Kimmet’s office now houses student artwork. Be sure to check it out next time you’re on campus and thanks again to Jaquil and all of our talented artists.