DEI Monthly Roundtables and Gatherings

In keeping with our belief in the value of community and our commitment to home-school partnership, all parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff are all invited to monthly roundtable discussions and social events with CARES (Committee for Advancing Racial Equity in our School).

10/5First CARES meeting of the school year!
10/19Affinity group meetings (small groups)
12/7Breaking Bread Potluck
1/15MLK, Jr. Day of Action
2/15Affinity group meetings (small groups)
2/24The Lion's Story: A Black History Month Celebration
3/21Affinity group meetings (small groups)
5/16End of the year reflections / Looking ahead planning

Special Note for White Parents/Caregivers
Alongside the PCA CARES/DEI programming for this year, a White affinity group will meet monthly for GSFS parents/caregivers who identify as White/are of European descent or those who benefit from white skin privilege. The goal is to offer space to do the deeper personal work of undoing internalized racism in service of teaching ourselves and our children to be more anti-racist and offer the GSFS community truer White allyship. White affinity group space invites self-study work in service of undoing White supremacy without putting labor or further harm onto BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). 

For more information, please contact Emily Landsburg (
This group is run as part of the PCA CARES/GSFS DEI work and alongside and in solidarity with the BIPOC affinity group.