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PCA Committee on Advancing Racial Equity in our School

The Committee for Advancing Racial Equity in Our School (or CARES, previously known as PCA CARES) supports GSFS families to promote the positive racial identity of our children and to develop skills to recognize and counter structural racism, unintentional racism, and microaggressions, and to undo white supremacy.  We support and hold GSFS accountable for continuing to cultivate a racially just learning community.


The Committee for Advancing Racial Equity in Our School (CARES) is an intentionally multi-racial group of the GSFS Parents Association. Its mission is to build a collective process for families to feel supported countering experiences of structural and interpersonal racism and to recognize and undo white privilege/white supremacy as a community. With opportunities for multi-racial dialogues and affinity group work, CARES strives to create opportunities for parents to feel safe enough to talk with each other about experiences of racial identity development, micro-aggressions, and more overt forms of racism that we experience and witness in the world.  Our further goal is to strengthen our capacity as parents to know how to support our children in developing skills to build a positive racial identity, to respond to the complexities of race in relationship, and how to challenge racism within the school setting and beyond. As a part of the GSFS community, CARES also strives to support and hold the school accountable for actively countering racism, and promoting racial equality and equity in the curriculum and the co-curricular life of the school.

Do you wonder how to talk to your child about race in an age-appropriate way? Ever been faced with a moment where a racial micro-aggression happened with your child present and you didn't know what to do? Want to meet other parents who care about these issues? Come out to our meetings!

For more information, please email Mikia Croom ( 

Below is an article that was shared in a previous discussion titled "Why To Talk To Your Kids About Race"and a few videos and other resources.

>>Race institute A 3-day workshop to cultivate the positive racial identity of educators, parents, and other adults raising children. For more info go to  (Former GSFS parents, Deidre Ashton and Sarah Halley are facilitators along with Ali Michael, and Toni Williamson, FSS)
>>Dr Kenneth Hardy: Trauma (filmed presentation, 1hour)
>>Dr Kenneth Hardy: On the assaulted sense of self (segment from the talk entitled "view from Black America")  (6 mins)
(Note all material directed at adults.  If you want to share with your older children, please view first on your own)