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The Torch Legacy Society

Spreading the light of education

The lit torch is a powerful and enduring symbol for Greene Street Friends School. It stands at the center of the School seal, surrounded by the Latin motto, which translates to “a mind set on fire by education.”

More recently, TORCH has taken on a new meaning for our students. It stands for Togetherness, Open-mindedness, Respect, Compassion, and Heart and is the name of the Middle School student government. 

The passing of the torch occurs when a donor ensures that a new generation of students will be able to receive a Greene Street education.

The Torch Society recognizes individuals who make personal commitments to Greene Street Friends School through planned gifts. By including a charitable interest to us in your estate plan, you have counted Greene Street Friends School among those places you value most. 

Bequests, charitable trusts, naming Greene Street Friends School as beneficiary of an IRA, charitable gift annuities and pooled income fund contributions are among the many gift vehicles that welcome an individual into the Torch Legacy Society. 

Members of Greene Street's Torch Legacy Society have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the School through a planned gift.

Please contact Maani Waldor at 215-438-7002 or for more information about joining the Torch Legacy Society.