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Meet Our Donors - PG

Greene Street Friends School gave me, even in a relatively short time, a strong foundation for my education and an attitude toward life. Through the example and direction provided by the teachers, it revealed to me the importance of friendship, the sense of equality, and love among people. I learned much of this also through my attendance at Quaker weekly meetings which always will remain ingrained in me.

I remember Greene Street Friends as a small building, not much different from other houses on the street—the Chestnut Hill stone of the walls, the simple and symmetrical plan that made me feel at home from the start. The rooms inside were spacious but, however, full of displays of student work that stimulated my curiosity and showed this to be a busy place. But besides these visual recollections, I remember the friendly atmosphere.

As a new student I experienced Rachael Judd’s kindness, her help in making me feel at home, and remember especially her grandmotherly appearance. I do not have a clear recollection of Eunice Prosterman, my second grade teacher. My most vivid impression from second grade was of her innovative way of teaching us about the solar system by taking us to the playground where, with a ball, she demonstrated the movement of the earth around the sun. Finally, I remember vividly Alice Goddard’s blond hair and her direct, stern look—even though deep down she was very kind and understanding.

Donna Randolf was by best friend. We did many things together. I went over often to her house. Her parents treated me like one of their own. Another classmate I remember was a boy called Robert for his appearance and seriousness.

After Greene Street, I spent three years at Raven Hill Academy. Then we moved to New York where I attended Convent of the Sacred through 12th grade. I attended Finch College for two years on east 78th Street and transferred to Columbia University, majoring in painting. My early work experience allowed me to explore a number of different areas such as architecture and primary school teaching, following which I moved to Australia. In Australia I returned to school, obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Library Sciences from the University of Canberra. More recently I have worked in the serials section of the National Library of Australia in Canberra, A.C.T. (Australia) and am presently volunteering in the library of the Canberra School of the Art.

As I was growing up I learned the significance of a will and how important it is to clearly state the beneficiaries. I wanted to express early my intentions, not only for the strong sentiments I have for the school, but also to make certain that my intentions will be realized and so they can be of example to others.

I believe in giving money to good causes. I feel very good about designating Greene Street Friends in my will because I will be contributing to the preservation and continuity of the values that the Friends teach. I would love Greene Street Friends to continue its humane ways of teaching, the joyful atmosphere of the school, the importance of working out disputes without fighting and the weekly Quaker meetings of reflection.