Lower School Town Meeting
Picture two dozen students between the ages of five and ten settling like butterflies into a circle of chairs. Pairs of fourth grade students clerk these monthly discussions, where young students have a place to share and be heard on topics such as kindness, fairness, sportsmanship, and leadership. 

If a Town Meeting is an organism, the youngest students act as the heart (expressing their feelings and affection), the first and second graders comprise the eyes (observing and noticing every nuance) and the third and fourth grade students are the brain (analyzing situations and proposing solutions). The fourth grade clerks encourage all voices, and they model fairness, composure, and reflection for the younger students.

Town Meetings teach Quaker practices, provide leadership opportunities, and actively demonstrate our belief that every voice is important. The meeting structure also prepares our students to participate in TORCH,  our middle school student governance model. The earnest, respectful interactions in Town Meetings are moving and powerful to see.