Science and Social Studies
Our approach to science instruction is hands-on and interactive. Students throughout lower school learn to understand and use the scientific method through a series of projects and labs. Students are exposed to a range of science topics each year. 

Science Fusion is a 21st century, technology integrated, interactive science curriculum for Grades K - 5. The program includes workbooks for students, a traditional teacher guide (plus a DVD teacher resource), a comprehensive on-line digital center that includes interactive video and activities, a workstation for lesson planning, assessments, and interactive manipulatives such as inquiry flip books and lab kits. With our new classroom tablet computers, mobile laptop carts, our existing SmartBoards and our new interactive projectors, we are in the position to benefit from all of the components of this program. 

social studies

Social studies in the Lower School introduces to students to other cultures and ways of thinking and allows them to connect historical events with the larger social ideals of a Quaker school. In Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, students focus on community, both on building a community within the classroom and on connecting with the larger community. Activities include Me Museums, interviews with Greene Street community members, and walks around neighborhood establishments like the supermarket and the piano factory.

In 1st and 2nd grade, students begin to learn how to use and make maps, while learning about the geography and cultures of the world. They explore similarities and differences to their own lives while studying Alaska, including the famous Iditarod sled race, and Australia.

In 3rd grade, students focus on the movement of people and what forces push and pull people in immigration and migration. And in 4th grade, students learn about the organization of the United States, both politically and geographically. Students become young experts on colonization, the American revolution, and the early days of the United States.