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Room Parents and Caregivers

The Parents and Caregivers Association is seeking volunteers to be Room Parents right now! If you are interested, please contact the PCA.

Room parents and caregivers are the leaders of their child’s class and a critical part of the PA Organizing Team. The primary role of the Room Parents is to build relationships with and among the families in their child’s class. Room Parents:

  • Hold a Fall Class Potluck.
  • Organize and run a game at the Fall Fair.
  • Help find volunteers for school events.
  • Help fund raise.
  • Encourage class participation in the Annual Giving campaign.
  • Support the teachers by volunteering with holiday celebrations, International Day, Color Day, school trips and projects. 
  • Have one other class get-together during the year.
  • Optional—collect for a class gift at the winter break, and/or for the end of the school year.

Grade Level
Pre-KKathie/ Moira's class
Amanda Lember
Tanisha's class
Amira Sedki
KindergartenLois' class
Kenyatta Patterson
Steve's class
Jamila Wilson
Grade 1Justin's class
Alyson Bauer
Narissa's class
Laura Nikoo
Grade 2

Imani's class
Sue DuTot
Sandie's class
Joselle Palacios
Grade 3Anna's class
Melinda DiStefano
Arelis' class
Stacy Newton
Grade 4Jane's class
Salwa Sulieman
Avery's class
Emily Grant
Grade 5Kim's class
Sarah Katz
Bianca's class
Stacy Taylor
Grade 6Becky's class
Cara Palladino
Nico's class
Roxane Snipe
GRADE 7Jessica's class
Biz Magarity
Josh's class          
Lisa Britton
GRADE 8Cherine's class
Sue DuTot  
Marty's class       
Maani Waldor