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Corporate Giving Opportunities

When I read about the OSTC program, I was eager to give it a try. It took me less than a half-hour to file my application online. My business contribution amount was up to me, but since it is reimbursed at 90% if given for two consecutive years, it was easy for me to be generous. More people need to know about this amazing program!
Greene Street Friends parent and business owner

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has created a unique opportunity for businesses to support Greene Street Friends School. Through both the EITC (Education Improvement Tax Credit) and the OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Program), a business incorporated in Pennsylvania can make a gift to Greene Street and receive a tax CREDIT in exchange for the gift. 

These business gifts support Greene Street students in the form of tuition assistance for students residing within the boundaries of a low-achieving school.

The tax credits awarded to businesses through the Commonwealth are equal to 90 percent of the business contribution amount if the business commits for two years. Should the business chose to only participate for one year, the tax credit will be 75% of the contribution. 

Click here for more information about whether your business may qualify.

The Development Office is also happy to answer questions about this program and put you in touch with individuals who have made an impact on Greene Street Friends through the OSTC program. Please contact Maani Waldor at or 215-438-7002.

Thank you for your interest in providing deserving students and their families the benefits of a Greene Street Friends School education.