Why I Give

The impact that Greene Street has had on me is tremendous, and now I wish to give back to the school that launched my ambitions to study engineering and physics. The value of a school such as Greene Street to provide high-quality, affordable education in today's competitive world is and will continue to grow more paramount than ever, and I wish to ensure the future of this opportunity for future students.

          Ben, Class of '10

Greene Street Friends is a small school that has a huge impact on the lives of its students. This is true whether you have attended for one year or many years. The special character of GSFS leaves a lasting impression and truly helps to shape our lives. We leave the School with both a sound education and a strong sense of how to be caring and responsible members of the community. The dignity and respect accorded to every student at GSFS is a hallmark of the school and inspires all who pass through its doors to treat others in that same manner.

          Jackie, Class of '66

Having our daughter in a quality educational environment where educational excellence is provided, where cultural diversity is always a goal, and where tolerance and acceptance of all individuals is the mantra is extremely important to us. 

          Michele and Andy, Parents of an Alumna

Greene Street Friends became [my grandson’s] life raft…no, our life raft, and his sunny corner to grow in. Small enough to meet him in his individuality, big enough to offer abundance of opportunity. A community to support him, and a curriculum to stimulate him. An independent school without pretension, so he didn’t have to pretend. A mixed-race, mixed-class school, so various sides of his self found resonance. A Quaker doggedness about putting forward testimonies for peace and equality, and supporting students to “be where they are” without buying into political correctness.

          George, Grandparent