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The Red Door Society

The red doors at the entrance to Greene Street Friends School have long been a gateway to learning in a safe, caring community. For 160 years, countless students, parents and teachers have walked through these doors and have been forever changed.

The Red Door Society acknowledges those individuals who, by their leadership gifts to the Annual Fund, ensure that the strengths of Greene Street Friends School will continue to deliver a challenging and engaging program to all students.


Gifts at the Red Door Society level strengthen the educational program and open the Greene Street Friends School experience to an exceptionally diverse population. Racially. Ethnically. Religiously. And socially. This broadly-based, interesting student body makes Greene Street Friends School a vital learning community.

We hope you will join us in making a philanthropic gift today. For more information about joining the Red Door Society, please contact Maani Waldor at 215-438-7002 or

Red door society
Second Century Founders
$25,000 +

It takes foresight and dedication, along with your investment and partnership to develop an enduring education for the 21st Century.
$15,000 - $24,999In our second century of educating children, we look to a bright future with your help.
$6,000 - $14,999
The Sunshine Club is named for a group of GSFS students who, in the early 1900s, formed a charitable community that remained active long after the students graduated in the 1920s. 
$3,000 - $5,999
The Meeting House is the spiritual center of our community and is the site of performances, gatherings and many school celebrations.
$1,855 - $2,999
In 1855, the year of our founding, there were just a handful of students and one teacher. One hundred-sixty years later, GSFS serves more than 300 students,
MAROON AND WHITE$1,200 - $1,854The School’s colors stand for teamwork and community. GSFS students are known for their sportsmanship and teamwork on and off the field.